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For every minute thing people rely on the internet and run search queries also called Keywords. An excellent website running online with no SEO done is like having a business but not telling about it to the interested customers. Every minute thousands of websites are launched and all compete for the first spot in SERPs. The chances of your website ending up at the first position or somewhere near it are minimal or zero. That's why Digital SERP is here, to help you attain the high rankings and show up whenever your customer searches something relevant.

Here at your best SEO company in Mohali, our services are designed to get you noticed where it matters the most whether local or global. We devise a proper approach and plan to deal with client’s websites that actually work and place them in front of the right audience. We begin with understanding what are your requirements, who is your target audience and what you render to entice the audience. To figure out where you are lagging, we run technical SEO audits and know the areas where our SEO experts need to work on.

Does matter if your website is new or well established, our SEO experts can help. The efforts we put in ranking your website shows in the results you will achieve like more organic traffic, high revenue and good ROI.

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what we offers

Rather than throwing the array of services we got to offer, we provide you only the services your business website requires. You can take our free SEO audit that helps us understand what improvements your site needs in terms of SEO. Then we suggest you the SEO Services you can avail to leverage your website. Check out all.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of any SEO campaign. Digital SERP will uncover the most valuable search terms in your industry and make sure that every page on your website is setup for success.

Content Optimization

Not having quality content on website is like buying an aircraft carrier and forgetting to buy the aircraft. Quality content is the backbone of any successful marketing campaign.

Onsite Optimization

After completing the process of website auditation and competitor analysis, our team will be in a position to plan and implement onsite optimization which ensure the strong base of our seo campaign.


Having quality links pointing to your site is the most important factor for getting success in search engine. Our link building and content outreach strategy promote your content to the right audience.

Competitor research

A Proper competitor research makes your path easy in digital marketing journey and helps you to get the strategic advantage by analyzing their weaknesses and strengths. However it is something that Digital SERP excels at doing.

Website audit

At the beginning of each seo campaign, our experts will perform a comprehensive website audit to identify issues and seek areas for enhancement which helps to provide actionable items to resolve the issues.


We "know" the art and science behind creating a Conversion rate optimize campaigns because we visualise ourselves in your customer's shoes which helps us to determine the mentality of your customer's need.

SEO Consultant

Our consultancy service is good for those who have the time to run their campaigns in-house but want a push in the right direction. At digital SERP, we offer wide ranges of consultancy service from local businesses to big enterprises.


We also provide pay per click campaign according to your budget. You can choose your own budget and we will finalize the setup and choose the best to grow you sales and potential customers.


Why Do People Call Digital SERP the Best SEO
Company in Mohali ?

With so many options available claiming to be the best, it has become tedious to find the Best SEO company in Mohali. Consistently serving our clients with diligence has helped us ride the ladder of success and we emerged as the best. Below we listed the different types of SEO’s we can do for your website and your clients.

E-commerce SEO

Undoubtly, e-commerce SEO is a little bit different than local and traditional SEO but our approach to handle eCommerce SEO projects is pretty simple because we know the inside and outs of the eCommerce SEO campaigns and strategies.

Local & Regional SEO

Local SEO is extremely important when you want to be found by local customers and, because these customers are your neighbourhood, conversion rates tend to be a lot higher so our local SEO services in mohali are perfectly tailored to put your business on the map.

International SEO

Having different search engines in different parts of the world make international SEO is a little bit more complicated but our International SEO experts optimize your website to capture web traffic from different foreign markets which your business is targeting.

Mobile SEO

According to Google, 85-90% people use their mobile devices to access internet every day and still a lot of businesses dont consider mobile SEO but our experts can ensure you reach more potential customers and keep you one step ahead of the competition.

SEO Audit

We take a look over your site and conduct a comprehensive seo audit and answer you why your website doesn't rank for the profitable keywords in your niche and what you have to do to get the desired rankings.

New Website SEO Plan

When it comes to the seo of a new website, we will create a step-by-step campaign from keyword research analysis to getting page 1 rankings for profitable terms of your business.

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