List of High DA Digital Marketing Guest Blogs to Submit Article

Guest Posting on other relevant blogs is the finest way of obtaining high-quality backlinks. But along with this, you can reap other benefits like reach, new customers, increase client base, become an authority in your niche, develop relationships with right influencers, and so on. 

If your site belongs to the Digital Marketing niche, then guest blogging can benefit you in the long run. 

Almost every other blogger is now into publishing content at other blogs, but only those succeed who do it well and correctly. 

Finding the list of possible Digital Marketing blogs whom you can outreach immediately and publish content is a time consuming task. But the search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google, etc. allow you to use footprints to get remarkable results in a jiff. 

Footprints mean a set of search keywords or strings that simplify the search process and improve your experience of searching on any search engine. 

Here you go. 

Set of footprints to find the Digital Marketing Blogs that accept guest posts

Get quality results without spending hours searching. 

What type of content, Digital Marketing Blogs Usually publish?

Guest blogging will work for you and build your brand name out in the industry only if you know what and how to do. 

Before pitching to an editor or blog owner, you need first to examine “What type of content are they looking for?”.

Thoroughly read the submission guidelines first, then explore the blog to get an idea about tone, content structure, and comply with their standards. 

Below, I listed some of the significant types of content that generally digital marketing guest posting blogs love to publish. 

Case Study

Nothing works better than submitting an article that is more personal and contains all the information about the changes you did. 

Like if you recently followed some strategy or new approach, then why not write down the steps in the form of a case study with all the screenshots to prove your point. 

While writing, make sure it explains what your objective was, what problem you were facing, how you resolved it, and what results were obtained. 

Don’t just focus on reporting results and writing nothing else useful in the case study; it’s of no use. Nobody likes to read half knowledgeable content. 

Write your case study as a blog post, do storytelling, and improve chances of your case study getting approved increases ten folds. 

Blog Posts 

It can be of any format like a listicle, how to, why, etc. and its primary purpose is to make potential customers know more about the business. 

For many bloggers around, blog posts serve as the significant way of link building and content marketing. 

Blog Posts are usually above 1000 words and can be found on almost every blog. The target audience is happy to read, understand, and share them further. 

It helps to build relationships with the audience, provide something valuable, drive more traffic, and generate leads. 

Post frequently to reap all the benefits and reach goals. 

Don’t forget to interlink the other guest posts with each other to improve link building and pass on the link juice to your website. 

Visual Content 

Infographics, Videos, and Photos now bring in more organic traffic compared to other modes. 

These are all also the best modes when it comes to marketing. Infographics are easy to understand; in just a few minutes, grab the valuable information. It is also the most shared category of content, but while creation ensure that the design is good; otherwise it’s of no use. 

They come in handy when you want to showcase any product or services overview, a process, testimonials, etc. The visual content lets you incorporate plenty of information in a simple, crisp way. 

It’s also a great source of getting more backlinks, which is the whole purpose of doing guest blogging and content marketing. 

On the other hand, Video is a dynamic and engaging source of spreading a word about your business. In case you want to share some tutorials, product content, or describe it, then videos can bring four times better results. The easiest way to use them is to embed them into blog posts and or anything relevant. 

Apart from this, some other types of content that digital marketing writes for us accept are ebooks, listicles, guides, whitepapers, etc. 

List of DA 50+ Digital Marketing Blogs that Accept Guest Posts 


An independent online community where you get to read the latest content related to Branding, PR, Social Media, Marketing, etc. Want to guest post? Yes, then you are welcome to share valuable, thoughtful articles. 

DA:- 57 PA:- 48 DR:- 86 UR:- 64


A SaaS company that helps businesses and agencies optimize and improve the performance of their websites by delivering Digital Marketing Service. Their powerful crawler has earned them renowned companies as clients like BMW, Allianz, etc. 

DA:- 57 PA:- 48 DR:- 77 UR:- 55


A cloud-based platform that allows its users to gain deeper insights into their Digital Marketing campaigns and optimize them. To improve your chances of getting published here, try including the Rankwatch tool and cross-link to it. 

DA:- 45 PA:- 51 DR:- 69 UR:- 50


A fantastic tool that helps you track down where your brand name is mentioned and take you there. Their primary audience is digital marketers, PR professionals, agencies, etc. and their blog focuses on educating them to communicate better. 

DA:- 71 PA:- 56 DR:- 83 UR:- 74


A tight-knit community where the entrepreneurs, bloggers, investors, marketers, etc. submit their startups to know what others think of it and get an idea. Their useful and fresh blog content is enough to escalate your knowledge and grow online. 

DA:- 58 PA:- 56 DR:- 75 UR:- 56


A blog dedicated to Inbound Marketing to help professionals or beginners become better marketers. Their advanced digital marketing courses are worth trying and learn unique tactics about PPC, SEO, PR, Social Media, Content Marketing, and so on. 

DA:- 37 PA:- 39 DR:- 63 UR:- 40


It helps you manage major social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. The Social Pilot tool is widely prevalent among marketing agencies, enterprises, and businesses to manage their presence on different handles effectively. 

DA:- 55 PA:- 49 DR:- 75 UR:- 75


A full-service Digital Marketing Agency that helps clients by rendering a wide range of services like SEO, PPC, SMM, and so on. Their blog contains worth reading articles related to sought after topics written in a deep and meaningful way. 

DA:- 47 PA:- 54 DR:- 74 UR:- 48


A resourceful site updated daily to render heaps of software tools, insightful articles, and other general information to the naive and expert webmasters. They are on a mission to become the best repository for those who are looking to grow their websites. 

DA:- 55 PA:- 58 DR:- 74 UR:- 57


Want to learn the art of copywriting? Yes, then through insightful articles, CopyHackers help you learn how to write a persuasive, precise, and usable copy that sells your products or services. Boost conversion rates and gain higher ROI.

DA:- 52 PA:- 53 DR:- 78 UR:- 77


A website for marketers that provides tools, tips, tricks, and techniques to help you learn how to run better marketing campaigns and grow business. Have you got something relevant to share? Then submit a guest post now. 

DA:- 54 PA:- 47 DR:- 72 UR:- 42


A SaaS platform with around 40+ SEO tools to help different businesses build, manage, and measure results of their campaigns. SEMRUSH has solutions for every company serious about growing online. Getting published here is an uphill task, begin with reading guidelines first.

DA:- 79 PA:- 70 DR:- 90 UR:- 87


A blog dedicated to all bloggers and entrepreneurs around. He aims to help companies and personal brands to optimize their business and transform lives. He suggests going through the writing process guidelines before publishing a guest post. 

DA:- 72 PA:- 60 DR:- 83 UR:- 80


A Digital Marketing training institute focused on turning beginners to experts by providing up to date knowledge about trends, techniques, best practices, and other related content. If you are new to this domain, then you can learn from them and excel at growing business online. 

DA:- 75 PA:- 63 DR:- 85 UR:- 83


An exceptional and world’s most reliable platform to learn all about SMM and how to use different platforms to connect with customers and escalate sales. Make sure you have in-depth knowledge of social media if interested in becoming a contributor. 

DA:- 79 PA:- 66 DR:- 87 UR:- 84


Got some authentic news to share related to technology, web culture, digital media, and social life, then welcome to mashable. If you are an entrepreneur or blogger or influencer etc. then share an insightful article now and win a guest post. 

DA:- 93 PA:- 77 DR:- 91 UR:- 88


Quick like a Ninja, they help clients by rendering marketing, advertising, and other professional services. Quickly find potential customers, integrate emails, manage lists, analyze SEO data, handle social media, and so on. Build healthy relationships with clients. 

DA:- 54 PA:- 53 DR:- 75 UR:- 79


A reliable source of reading insightful how-to articles and detailed guides related to the content, copywriting, sales, consulting, and so on to improve your content marketing skills. CMI loves to connect with brilliant writers, so here is your chance to submit a guest post. 

DA:- 77 PA:- 64 DR:- 88 UR:- 84


Want to perform better at content marketing and social media campaigns? Yes, then C&C excels at taking you from good to outstanding through coaching, analysis, strategic plans, configuring metrics, giving advice, and audits. Bring out the best only. 

DA:- 75 PA:- 60 DR:- 85 UR:- 81


SMT is an online community that excels at sharing insightful articles with real examples related to social networks, businesses, marketing, and technology. Join their contributor’s program to share some practical and knowledgeable articles. 

DA:- 78 PA:- 64 DR:- 88 UR:- 83


A dynamic blog focused on sharing everything from blogger outreach to social media development to other resources that forge you into an expert. Have you got a nice post to share? Reach out to Tiffany and submit a blog post. 

DA:- 66 PA:- 60 DR:- 70 UR:- 55

INC 42

A leading media firm in India that focuses on fostering digital culture and sharing innovative articles to keep you updated. Have you also got some precise articles to share related to specific domains in startups’ niche? Yes, then make your move now. 

DA:- 75 PA:- 53 DR:- 77 UR:- 49


An open platform where you can submit digital marketing guest posts or any other relevant to raise brand awareness, gain inbound links, and fetch organic traffic. If you have some ideas or topics to write upon, then pitch Tech Patio now and get a chance to publish an article. 

DA:- 42 PA:- 47 DR:- 40 UR:- 40


A multi-author website where you can also become a contributor here. Here find articles related to regular topics and digital marketing. Want to share how to improve web traffic or optimize social media profiles? Then opportunities planet welcomes you on board. 

DA:- 34 PA:- 47 DR:- 34 UR:- 36


A resourceful blog for those who work on Joomla, WordPress, and follow digital marketing strategies. Creating great websites and teaching others about extensions as well as tools you can use to optimize a site is their forte. 

DA:- 44 PA:- 59 DR:- 84 UR:- 82


An affordable social listening tool that lets brands and companies of any size get insight into the data that matters like customer’s insights, competitors, market, etc. The results are powered by a data-driven approach and get access to crucial data.  

DA:- 46 PA:- 49 DR:- 72 UR:- 75


Fueled by Sandeep, it contains in-depth lessons, articles, how-to guides, and real-time examples to help marketers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs run an online business. Leverage from Digital Marketing services and grow any type of brand you own. 

DA:- 47 PA:- 42 DR:- 51 UR:- 38


Here you get to read informative, inspirational, and great articles related to Digital Marketing, Health, Beauty, Product Reviews, and Free VPN. Their door is open for new writers, so submit a free guest post that contains some further information. 

DA:- 50 PA:- 39 DR:- 77 UR:- 80


An email marketing software that focuses on helping marketers create elegant email designs, provide customer support, and keep everything simple. Run your email campaigns smoothly through mailer lite. Their product tutorials, guides, webinars, and educational content help users succeed and improve their knowledge. 

DA:- 66 PA:- 62 DR:- 87 UR:- 83


A blog by a passionate SEO and internet marketing expert with a proven track record. He helps businesses develop, execute, and manage long term marketing, social media campaigns, and strategies that deliver unprecedented results. Got some innovative ideas to share then reach out to Shane Barker now. 

DA:- 54 PA:- 50 DR:- 76 UR:- 53


An excellent site where you get all the latest industry news and read content submitted by expert columnists. They share several ideas, tips, tricks, and strategies to follow, ranging from SEO to content marketing. The SEM post is in search of regular contributors, so here is your chance to become one. 

DA:- 62 PA:- 42 DR:- 77 UR:- 17


As the name clears, it helps you plan posts content for different social media accounts and publish in a jiff. Moreover, if you also like their social media experts, love to research and are passionate about writing an in-depth article, then pitch Post Planner now. 

DA:- 62 PA:- 42 DR:- 78 UR:- 80


Godaddy Blog contains articles filled with practical advice to follow for the entrepreneurs and professionals who are beginners or want to manage business effectively. If telling your business story interests you or you want to explore topics of interest, then contribute to Godaddy now. 

DA:- 93 PA:- 88 DR:- 94 UR:- 47


It provides marketers and other professionals a smarter approach to learn skills that matter to succeed in business. Their tools, training material, templates, etc. come in handy to escalate knowledge and create marketing strategies that bring results. 

DA:- 80 PA:- 61 DR:- 88 UR:- 78


A daily publication source that covers almost everything that goes into Digital Marketing. They provide daily news, regular updates, and columns to read about online marketing, Social media, SEO, Email marketing, affiliate, analytics, and so on. This site is worth exploring if you are looking to expand your knowledge and reach consumers online. 

DA:- 89 PA:- 52 DR:- 89 UR:- 56


An email marketing platform that has innovative features like creating landing pages, advanced email analytics to see data, email automation, list import, drag, and drop facility, and more. Their 5-star services and affordable price has made them the choice of entrepreneurs to handle their email campaigns and obtain optimal results. 

DA:- 82 PA:- 67 DR:- 89 UR:- 85


A blog that renders practical advice for digital marketers, web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, and more. Find some creative work here and stay updated with the latest trends, developments happening globally and be able to create the best work. Welcome to their contributor network if you have something unique to submit. 

DA:- 82 PA:- 61 DR:- 87 UR:- 86


A site where you will find different topics covered like work from home, make money online, blogging, career tips, etc. Holly Reisem, the founder of this blog, created to help those looking for work from home jobs and help them financially. Get the freedom to live life on your terms. 

DA:- 54 PA:- 54 DR:- 66 UR:- 51


B2B Marketing a collection of products that includes training events, benchmarking reports, awards, magazines, etc. that reach out to nearly 50000 professionals who belong to the B2B community. They aim to fill the gaps and keep you updated with this ever-changing industry through news, blogs, and articles. 

DA:- 66 PA:- 58 DR:- 75 UR:- 44


Startup nation media groups is a reliable platform for those looking for free advice and insightful articles to start and grow their small or large businesses effectively. It contains step by step guides, podcasts, case studies, articles, and information about those who are leading the industry. 

DA:- 61 PA:- 52 DR:- 75 UR:- 73


A global community where the business leaders can be found learning about how to make their business more customer-centric. It covers major topics like customer experience management, customer relationship management, social marketing, creating long-lasting relations, and serving customers through their blogs, interviews, news, and articles. 

DA:- 70 PA:- 53 DR:- 80 UR:- 44


Owned by Darren Rowse, Problogger aims at helping you build a better blog and earn dollars from it. The featured posts, exceptional articles, interviews, tools and services, and a plethora of other things to read help to grow your blog presence and reach out to the target customers only if you implement the concepts learned. 

DA:- 75 PA:- 58 DR:- 82 UR:- 84


Want to get updated with what’s happening around in the digital marketing world? Then SER is here to give you detailed information and a single reliable source to know anything about top search engines. Save your time by scrolling through their form and access what you want to read. 

DA:- 76 PA:- 62 DR:- 84 UR:- 82


They are known for providing the latest news, business ideas, tips, and strategies to grow any type of business you own. Their primary audience comprises entrepreneurs, managers, marketers, and other inspirational leaders. They are looking for expert guest authors and so contact now. 

DA:- 80 PA:- 63 DR:- 88 UR:- 81


A Digital Marketing Agency focused on growing your business and helping you stay ahead of the competitors. They help you breathe in this ever-changing industry and evolve through the different services they offer, like SEO, Content marketing, Web designing, PPC, Social media marketing, and so on. The Main Street host is also open to guest posting and ready to listen to what you got for them.  

DA:- 51 PA:- 53 DR:- 71 UR:- 53


ATB is a source of well-researched news articles, tips, tutorials, tricks, guides, and case studies about SEO, Digital Marketing, WordPress, how to make money, and so on. Stay updated with what’s happening around and go through their product reviews in case looking to buy some. Contact Imran to submit your guest posts now. 

DA:- 58 PA:- 55 DR:- 62 UR:- 48


Iblogzone primarily focuses on helping different businesses build themselves by providing all the resources and information required. If you got some cool tips and tutorials to share that can help people around, then you are welcome to guest post here. 

DA:- 44 PA:- 51 DR:- 50 UR:- 44


So you can reach these above listed Digital marketing write for us blogs that accept guest posts. Go through their guidelines first, then submit a high-quality guest post relevant to their blog that interests their audience. 

Bonus : 

You can also target other similar niches blogs like SEO, Marketing, Social Media, etc. to publish a guest post and earn high-quality backlink links

Here you go: List of Top 50 SEO Blogs to Submit Guest Post.

Happy Guest Blogging Ahead.