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Digital SERP is A Chandigarh-based customer-centric creative web designing agency that designs inspiring websites with unique presentation that helps businesses get the most out of their online presence! Web designing company in Chandigarh is the first step towards setting up your online business. We offer state-of-the-art and professional website designing services.

Your business website is your business face, which is why its crucial for it to be designed well. Our experienced and trained web design professionals create customized websites for our clients. We are the leading web development company in Chandigarh. We combine style with innovative design and development, while presenting it with an impactful appearance. We provide innovative solutions to assist our clients maximize recall, which is a crucial factor in today's transitory attention spans. Get in touch with the best web development company in Mohali through this website.

We have practised the art of communication and perfected this skill in the web medium with great ease of use and clarity. There's a lot that we can achieve as a web design company. Chandigarh houses a number of businesses that have been a part of our loyal clientele owing to the professional solutions we have been offering. While focusing on designing highly impactful, unique and creative websites, our team of trained website designers also concentrate on professional and cost effective solutions.

If you are looking for the best web designing company in Mohali, this should be your one-stop window for comprehensive web designing services. Our designers possess the experience and skills needed to quickly grasp the business models of our clients, their goals, brand positioning and target markets in every website design services project.

Let's find out

What makes a great website?

Stunning Visuals

Humans are visually focused people. Using stunning visuals is a great way to make any website more appealing. That does not mean you need to go overboard. Our web design agencyhas mastered the art of keeping the design simple, but elegant.

Responsive Design

Responsive website design has become a basic requirement of any website for quite some time now. With new and enhanced mobile devices being introduced in the market, it is a must to have responsive web design. Today's web solutions give highest priority to this aspect.


Security is of utmost importance when it comes to designing websites. This holds more importance for websites that carry out financial transactions. The confidentiality of sensitive user information should be the prime consideration of every great website design.

User Engagement

User engagement is a very crucial element of any web design. Simple navigation in combination with quick page loading time is highly crucial when it comes to user satisfaction. This is all about how easy the user interface is for website visitors to move around the website and take the required action. If users are not able to easily make their way around the website, they are not likely to hang around for long. The content should also be highly engaging for the visitors.

What makes a great website?

Discovery & Strategy Phase

The initial stage for designing a successful website is discovery and strategy phase. Through several days of interviews, marketing research, site audits and brainstorming, we collect as much project details as possible. This helps us in identifying the project objectives, document users and their objectives and research competitors. Once we are through this stage, we can develop a well-defined blueprint of the project at hand.

UX Planning & Information Architecture

This is the stage where we plan the user experience and information architecture. We develop a blueprint based on the information that we gathered related to user persona.

Website Launch, Analysis & Optimization

The purpose of this phase is to prepare the site for public viewing. This stage needs final polishing of the web design components and deep testing of features. We analyse how the user experience will be and optimize the site accordingly.

Responsive Web Design & Backend Development:

Once the design is approved by our client, we work on responsive web design and back-end development. The back-end coding is what adds functionality to all that the front-end designer has created. Here, we ensure smooth functionality and flawless user experience across all devices.

Quality Assurance & Testing

After the back-end development, we move on to the quality assurance and testing phase. This is where we ensure that each and every web page looks great and functions properly. We test every web page thoroughly to ensure that there are no bugs.

Creative Design Mockups Led by Website Designer

In this stage, we present creative website design mockups to our clients. This will help you understand how your future website will look on various devices. This stage is led by our website designer, who can take into consideration any changes suggested by our client and work accordingly.

We Can Also Build Framework Based

Responsive Websites Using.....


When it comes to designing a great website that has all the needed elements, how would you develop a custom website that is tailored to meet your business objectives? Here's a quick overview of the steps we follow as the best web designing company in Chandigarh:

Gather Information:

We find out what the focus of the website design will be. We gather information related to the purpose of the website, your business goals and target audience.


We design the website by building upon the information gathered and the planned layout. Our designers take the individual graphic components from the prototype and make use of them to develop the actual, functional website.

Plan the Website Layout:

Based on the information gathered, we plan the website layout. What are the features needed in the website? We prepare a list of various sections for your website. We form a hierarchy of significance for each section.

Testing and Delivery:

Finally, we test the website for complete functionality of scripts or forms and any possible compatibility issues. After getting the final approval, we deliver the site after ensuring that all plugins are installed and the site is optimized for the search engines.


Once we have drafted the website design, it is not final. We show the design to our clients and take their feedback for any suggested improvements and develop upon the design. Our client website development doesn't end here. The best way to get repeat visitors to your website is to update the web design according to the trends and provide them new content. So, we would be happy to continue working with you to update your website.

We offer maintenance packagesdepending on how often you would want to make additions or changes to your website. So, if you are looking for website maintenance after web designing in Chandigarh, contact us today to check out our web development and maintenance packages.


Designing a robust e-commerce website is the foundation to the success of your online business. We understand how important it is to use the latest technologies to increase your online business profits. Our solutions for designing ecommerce website offer the best functionality and features while being entirely customisable.

Having a passion for web designing, our team of talented and skilled web designing professionals are abreast with the present industry trends so that they can deliver the much needed productive results. With the deep experience they possess, our competent designers develop customized e-commerce websites to endorse your brand effectively, while increasing online sales and bringing success.

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